Saturday, February 27, 2016

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3 Ways I've Learned Determination is Key 🔑

Hope this message finds all you mommies well! I'm writing this at about 11 pm. I just gave my son a bath and he is determined to fight his sleep tonight so I'm using him as my inspiration! 

The first thing I learned as a mama is that the decision to do it has to be 100% yours! As a woman, a pregnant woman, and a postpartum hormonal woman, you go through SO MANY emotions. Sometimes you can't control them all! One thing that you must always believe is that your little one is a blessing, you love him or her with your life, and you're his or her mama by purpose! 

The next thing I learned was that you can't spell DETERMINATION without PATIENCE! Okay, maybe you can... But this is ongoing for me. I am an only child and a millennial. Instant gratification is in my DNA, but it's not in a baby's DNA. You work on their time and you definitely have to work at being patient. 

Finally, just do it! Like I said in my video, everything we do is for our kids! Use your intuition, don't doubt yourself, and be the confident person you want your little to grow up to be. 

This doesn't always apply though, I just played asleep because I wanted my baby to be and he laughed at me and poked me in the eye! 

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You're a Great Mama!  

- Yasmin :)